“We support and facilitate the provision of pediatrics cardiac treatments to all needy children in Tanzania”

The One New Heart Tanzania is a registered charitable non-profit making organization with the mission of improving and facilitating the provision of pediatrics cardiac treatments to all needy children in Tanzania. Our goal is to improve the health and welfare of all children, regardless of the child’s religion, gender and financial situation.

The One New Heart Tanzania was founded in 2019 at Bariadi-Simiyu Tanzania.

Our Mission

To support and facilitate the provision of pediatrics cardiac treatments to all needy children in Tanzania.

Our Vision

To have a community where children with cardiac defects can get treatments and no one will die or suffer due to lack of financial support or poor health services.


Training and Capacity building

The vision of the One New Heart is for all Tanzanian children to have access to cardiac treatments. We seek to develop the local team to perform pediatric cardiac operations in Tanzania in an effort to help pediatric cardiac patients.

How will we do it?


  1. Training local medical teams through both onsite and overseas partners.
  2. Building the infrastructure necessary to sustainably support pediatric cardiac surgeries at BMH
  3. Provision of specialist medical equipment and vital supplies needed for pediatric cardiac surgeries at BMH
  4. Bringing together world-leading doctors, nurses and medical experts to mentor our local team through a surgical and interventional missions from overseas at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital.
  5. Lobbying with the Government of Tanzania different institutions to provide high level practical support for Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital.
  6. To develop skilled and compassionate medical, nursing and allied health care providers trained to collectively address the burden of congenital heart disease.
  7. To advocate the Right to Healthy Childhood by bringing sharper focus in the area of child heart care, enabled by research and technology solutions that inform all stakeholders in the health care spectrum of preventive curative, educative care.


Open your heart and support the “One New Heart Tanzania” help to save a child’s life.

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All funds acquired will be used to cover all medical costs for all Pediatric Cardiac patients to receive life -saving heart surgery at Benjamin Mkapa hospital.

The time to help is NOW! Help improve the heart health of one child today. The health of a child is the true wealth of the nation. Help us build a strong Tanzania nation!

Life-Saving Pediatrics Cardiac Surgery.

Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Follow-up Program.

The Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Follow-up Program is for children with congenital heart disease, For the High-Risk Infant Follow-up Program and the Center for Disabilities and Development work together with the pediatric cardiology team for the child’s care.

Why do we ask you to meet us?
For those children born with congenital heart diseases needs extra care which often includes cardiac interventions and cardiac surgeries.

The pediatric cardiology team at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital and The One New Heart Tanzania recommends to meet the experts on the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Follow-up Program. We will look to see how a child grows, learn, and develop. Some challenges may appear early while others may appear later.

The earlier the detection the better the outcome.

Pediatrics Cardiac follow-up & Clinics

Treating Newborns with Complex Heart Disease.

When an initial diagnosis in newborns cannot be made using non-invasive imaging (such as echocardiography, CT scans or MRI), further invasive angiography is required to define anatomy. Under these circumstances, the diagnostic procedure, performed by cardiac catheterization, can be combined with surgical repair at the same time with the one new heart Tanzania at Benjamin mkapa hospital,

Pediatrics Cathlab Interventions

Cardiac Catheterization (Cath) is a specialized procedure to study or repair the heart. A catheter, or thin hollow flexible tube, is inserted into an artery of the leg or arm. Under X-ray visualization, the doctor guides the tip of the catheter to the heart.

The Cardiac Catheter Laboratory is next to the Unit inpatient cardiology and Cardiac Intensive Care units. This proximity makes Cath procedures much easier and more convenient for our patients.

One Device, Many Procedures
The one new heart Tanzania Cardiac Cath program, we are able to perform a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including simultaneous surgery and catheterization procedures, in our state-of-the-art Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. This facility allows us to provide the best and safest care to children with complex cardiac conditions, while minimizing the total number of procedures or interventions they may require open heart surgery.

We will be able to conduct a number of procedures, including:

Melody valve procedure – Pioneers at the one new heart Tanzania, allows some patients who need a valve replacement to not have to undergo open heart surgery Dilation of narrowed heart valves Dilation and stenting of narrowed arteries and veins Atrial septal defect (ASD), patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and ventricular septal defect (VSD) closure at Benjamin mkapa hospital we have one cardiac catheterization room is at the central to our communication network. Our team members can view digital images and all other vital data produced during a procedure in real-time at multiple locations around the hospital,including the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) and cardiothoracic operating rooms.

Highly Trained Staff

The hybrid suite is staffed by full-time catheterization physicians and served by full-time registered nursing staff with intensive care training.

A Commitment to Advancing Cardiac Care

Our cardiothoracic surgery team is focused on not only improving surgical outcomes for the child, but also on making complex heart surgery safer.

We take a unique multidisciplinary approach in providing the best possible care for the child. Our cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiologists, intensivists, anesthesiologists, pediatric cardiac perfusionists,pharmacists and other team members conduct rounds and host briefings together, ensuring that the child’s gets a unique care plan crafted by a diverse team of experts at the one new heart Tanzania.

Our cardiothoracic team also explores various types of research to change the course of pediatric heart disease, including:

Developing and studying ovine fetal models with congenital heart disease to better understand the underlying mechanisms in utero.